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SQL Saturday #80 – Wheeling, WV

I attend SQL Saturday #80 this past weekend in Wheeling, WV.  Many thanks to John Sterrett (Twitter | Blog) for putting a wonderful event.  The event offered us three different tracks with six sessions each.

The first two sessions I attend where on PowerShell by Ed Wilson aka the Scripting Guy.  I just recently starting playing with PowerShell to automate some data collection on my over 90 servers.  He gave us the basics of starting with PowerShell and what commands to start with to help you explore PowerShell.  He also told us some tools you could use to create PowerShell scripts like Primal Forms, ShowUI, Primal Script, PowerShell Plus, and PowerGUI.  This provided me with a better foundation to continue with to get my scripts where I want them to be.

Up next for me was Take Your Automation Scripts to the Next Level by Paul Hiles.  Of particular interest to me was his script that he uses to get compressed backups by zipping the backup files with 7zip.  This something I never thought about automating to help with those server administrators not wanting to give us enough space to house backups.

Then I attened Abi Chapagai‘s presentation on High Availability Solutions in SQL Server.  He went through basics of log shipping, clustering, mirroring, and replication.

Next up was Allen White with Automate Policy-Based Management using PowerShell.  Allen encouraged everyone in the room to get involved in the SQL community stating if he could do anybody could.  Then he went through the process of creating a Policy in PowerShell and how you have to construct the polices that use more than two conditions.

Finally, James Gaines presented Automating Database Source Control.  He demonstrated how to use Red-Gate’s SQL Source Control with Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server to automatically deploy database changes. I’ve been waiting for my one of my SQL Server 2000 systems to be upgraded so we can start to use source control.  Maybe now I can push this on to my newest SQL Server 2008 R2 system.


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  1. John Sterrett says:

    Tracy I am glad you had a good time at SQL Saturday #80 in Wheeling, WV. I would love to take full credit for the event but it couldn’t happen with out John Parkinson and the Greater Wheeling Chapter of AITP.


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