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February, 2014:

Exam 70-458 – Objective 7 – Configure and deploy SSIS solutions

Troubleshoot data integration issues Performance issues Performance Counters ( Connectivity issues Execution of a task or transformation failed Logic issues Demonstrate awareness of the new SSIS logging infrastructure ( Troubleshoot a failed package execution to determine the root cause of failure Troubleshoot SSIS package failure from an invalid datatype Implement break points To see variables […]

Exam 70-458 – Objective 8 – Build Data Quality solutions

Install and maintain Data Quality Services Installation prerequisites ( Server – Min 2 GB, Rec 4 GB+ RAM, SQL Server 2012 Database Engine Client – .NET Framework 4, IE 6.0 SP1+ Use Data Quality Server Installer Install Data Quality Services Run DQSInstaller.exe Add users to the DQ roles ( IN DQS_MAIN database add to roles Identity […]

Exam 70-458 – Objective 5 – Extract and transform data

Design data flow Define data sources and destinations ( Distinguish blocking and non-blocking transformations Integration Services: Performance Tuning Techniques Understanding SSIS Data Flow Buffers (SQL Server Video) Use different methods to pull out changed data from data sources Change Data Capture Run sys.sp_cdc_enable_db on database then for each table run sys.sp_cdc_enable_table There are CDC transforms […]

Exam 70-458 – Objective 6 – Load data

Design control flow Determine control flow ( Determine containers and tasks that are needed Tasks ( Execute SQL, Execute Package, Execute process File System task Send mail task Task grouping Containers ( Sequence ( For loop ( Foreach loop ( Determine precedence constraints ( Simple – Tasks execute in parallel by default Constraints and expressions […]

T-SQL Tuesday #051: Place Your Bets

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is brought to us by Jason Brimhall.  We are writing about times someone took chances with the databases that the DBAs felt were not worth it.  I am going to talk about taking chances with your backups, our #1 job as DBAs is to have backups. Let’s start with the scenario. […]

Script to Setup SQL Server Database Mirroring for Multiple Databases

Last year I had project that involved using database mirroring between two servers that had 20+ user databases on them and setting those up one a time takes way too long.  I wrote this script to generate script that could be ran in SQLCMD mode and setup mirroring between the two servers.  The @newmirror variable […]