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Database Superhero’s Adventures, December 2017 Edition

I spoke at PASS Summit on monitoring availability groups to a crowd of about 200 people and received feedback from about 30 people. I must say the feedback was all over the map from me doing really well to me doing just OK.  I wish more people would take time to fill out the electronic evaluations at events to help speakers (especially ones like me who it was their first time speaking in front of such a large crowd) learn to what they need to improve.

I was honored last month to be awarded PASS’s Outstanding Volunteer Award for November.  You can read more about that by clicking on the logo.  I thank everyone on Twitter who congratulated and made me blush with the extra compliments. If you have not registered for the PASS Marathon: Linux Edition event trust me you do not want to miss it, it has a great line up of speakers.

On December 1st, I’ll be moderating a couple of sessions for GroupBy in the afternoon.  GroupBy has a great lineup so go check it out here.

On December 9th, I’ll be presenting my PASS presentation on monitoring availability groups at SQLSaturday Washington DC.  So those in the area who did not make it to PASS here is your chance to see it.

On December 13th, PASS will have the inaugural PASS Marathon: Linux Edition that I helped organize.  I will be moderating half the sessions so make sure to register and come listen to the awesome lineup of speakers and bring your questions.

I am currently working on moving my Virtual Box virtual machines into Azure so I can switch to containers.  Azure would be backup if I cannot get something to work with containers. This rest of the month I’ll be working on making my collecting performance metrics presentation better and learning some Linux and PowerShell.  And possibly take a relaxing day or two for Christmas.

Three of my four Guardian ad Litem cases have court this month so two Wednesdays I will be court advocating for the best interests of those foster children. If you have any interest in such a program check it out at NC Guardian ad Litem or CASA for Children.  I still say this is my favorite and most important job I have.

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