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Tips on Managing Lots of SQL Servers (drill-down to view recording)

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Create DateAugust 24, 2017

To gain tips to be able to easily manage a lot of SQL Servers.

When managing a single server it is easy to keep track of the configuration of that server, but what about when you have more than ten servers to manage or a hundred? How do you know they are set up correctly? How do you maintain the databases on each server? How do you take care of patching? How do you know when your server is on fire?

In this talk, we will answer these questions and more as we discuss technologies and approaches you can use to make sure your environment is configured and performing at its best.

  1. Goals
    Learn the pain points of having a lot of SQL Servers to manage.
    Learn what scripts can be utilized to make it easier to manage a lot of SQL Servers.
    Learn tools that make it easier to manage a lot of SQL Servers.

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