T-SQL Tuesday #028 – Jack of All Trades, Master of None?

This month’s T-SQL Tuesday is brought to us by Argenis Fernandez (blog | @DBArgenis). Argenis is asking if we specialize or not, why we do (or don’t) specialize, and why we feel that’s a good thing. I started out my career as a Jack of All Trades mainly because my first employer was a small …

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A New Year Means New Resolutions – 2012

I usually do not make resolutions because that seems like you are trying to give up something instead of gaining something.  I would prefer to call them goals that way they can be a list of possible accomplishments instead of potential failures.  For 2012, I decided to record my goals for the New Year and …

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SQL Saturday #80 – Wheeling, WV

I attend SQL Saturday #80 this past weekend in Wheeling, WV.  Many thanks to John Sterrett (Twitter | Blog) for putting a wonderful event.  The event offered us three different tracks with six sessions each. The first two sessions I attend where on PowerShell by Ed Wilson aka the Scripting Guy.  I just recently starting …

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List What Permissions Each Database Role or User Has in a Database

Below is another script I frequently use to list what users or roles have what permissions to tables and views in our database. It basically cursors through the list of objects and stores the results of sp_helprotect in a temp table then displays the results.

List Members in Each Database Role

We receiving have been working with auditors to provide list of SQL logins that exist in each database role defined. Here is a short script to return all the members of each group that can easily be copied into Excel and shared with auditors and anybody else looking for this information. It basically cursors through …

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SQLskills Immersion Event on Internals and Performance – Chicago May 2011

I recently attend the SQLskills Immersion Training Event on Internals and Performance in Chicago.  I have to say I was already impressed with Paul Randal and Kimberly Tripp’s knowledge of SQL Server given my past experience at conferences and their blogs.  But that said was even more impressed after spending a week with them.  This …

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